A music generator. Generates random music.

How to use.

  • Press the Randomize All button to randomize all the synths and generate a new song.
  • The dropdown box lets you select the type of song to generate, either "Upbeat",  or "Melancholy".
  • Press the Render button to render the song and save it. It'll take a few minutes to render. For the browser version, the download should start automatically after rendering.
  • Press the Play button to play the song.
  • You can modify each synth manually, or press the randomize button at the top right of the synth to generate some new sounds.
  • The Keyboard toggle selects which synth you play with your computer keyboard. The home row keys, "asdfghjkl;" correspond to the white keys on a piano keyboard, beginning with C. You can use this to play about with the synths.


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Super cool

This is amazing!

oh wow this one is hella good

No midi ?

No, not yet. I will add it though.